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A common way to acknowledge an acquaintance usually in a humorous manner. The name "McGoops" is used the majority of the time referencing a persons last name, however there are instances where a first name, nickname or simple calling of "McGoops" is acceptable. There are also occasions in which a diss can be added to the name, a very bold statement, at the same time you can praise someone with a "McGoops." For being such a small word it is flowing with infinite power. Anyone can technically be called the name, however whoever is using the term should really sit back and say "Is this guy truly at McGoop status? Frequent users of the name will often pair the saying with great accent to increase the significance and make that shit a little funnier.
"YO Kirk McGoops, whats the dizzle on the A kizzle, smallskis?

"Fuck You McGoops"

"What's up Creeps McGoops, you slimy son of a bitch"
by Rob Nasty January 06, 2008
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