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The act of a stripper bending over as to form "the golden arches" with her backside, and at the same time fingering her own asshole while simultaneously being given fellatio by her equally slutty stripper friend.
"The pretzel was a blur.. after the MCDIRTY"
by xGREEN420x March 28, 2010
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A man, who though married, acts single. Treats the ladies well and showers them with effection.
"Today was fantastic, McDirty came and saw me and wow girl... it was amazing. But he left, he went home to his wife!"
by Youdontknowme66 January 17, 2009
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another name for that nasty dirty place some people call a restaurant..........McDonalds
Some Guy:dude lets get some food at McDonalds

Some Other Guy:ya mean McDirty's, no way man, they're nasty
by a toilet May 02, 2007
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