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Mazzy is a mystery. Nobody knows who he truly is or where he comes from. He's definitely interesting. All we know is that he likes honking, saggy old history teachers, and cute half-indian, half-bengali girls.
Mazzy the Minikarp
Toot toot!
by vyvythesexalien December 26, 2017
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The best type of girl, if you find a mazzy never let her go, she talkative, creative, one of a kind, and culd probably kill u just for the heck of it. But she might not like u at first, KEEP TRYING, and you should always want to make her happy, because its worth it, trust me. <3
Hey mazzy, u look hot today
Wow your so creative, almost as good as mazzy
by Spencer117 July 01, 2011
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The most amazing person that you will eva meet she funni she mad but shes my wife 2 be and i neva be alone with out her shes my star shes my everything. also very sexy and Grrrrrreat in bed
O Mazzzy!!
by Chris March 12, 2005
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