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A bad ass type of girl who is a great Bestie and if you betray her she will put you in your place. She is beautiful, smart and has a awesome personality.
by Maggie Martin June 16, 2017
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The most beautiful girl a guy has laid eyes on. When you lay next to her you get a warm fuzzy feeling that is irresistible. She is quite but her creativity speaks for itself. She is all around perfect, a 10, flawless.
by Nippleboi January 11, 2013
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probably the most beautiful girl any guy would hope to marry.

she is beautiful inside and out.

If you are lucky to know one, you better try real hard to cuff her up bro
One in a million, a rare species.
A: DUDE that girl totally looks like a VS model
B: She's Mazzi and I second that, she could totally be one if she wanted to.
by kylienjenner April 06, 2019
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