2 definitions by Dark Man

A person who's abilities are well-known and he is immersed in cultures and traditions that are starnge and foreign to others. He prefers to work and spend his time alone, to relaxing and hanging out with his friends.
Asker: "Dude, when we go to the movies, who's coming along?" Juggy: "Probably everyone except that Fa Di; He's too busy working."
by Dark Man July 18, 2009
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A 'thing' so unique and different that they need to to define it as an altogether seperate entity. It is known to be a very drastic change from the average and is known to produce results that may be outstanding or very intimidating
Matt: "Listen, I need to get outta this town quickly, I heard that the mayor of this town is Mazin"
by Dark Man July 18, 2009
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