A picky eater. Someone who won't try new things. A person that smears mayonnaise on everything.
mayonnaise on your steak? Really? What a mayonnaise face!
by bammulay March 11, 2011
An expression of observation. Can replace the term "excuse me, but did you notice..."
"Mayonnaise a lot o' Jeeps out hear in da woods!"
by Eric Schaeffer April 29, 2003
Slang for semen, but when still used in the same manor as a condiment.
I like my ham sandwiches with plenty of mayonnaise!
by Weirdboyscott January 6, 2003
Josh was a strong powerful suburban white male who could leap tall buildings in a single bound. But since he's been eating mayonnaise on his sandwich's he's just a lazy cracker now!
by Kcally June 18, 2008
A Texas redneck word from Jeff Foxworthy meaning "man there's".
Mayonnaise a lot of people here this evening!
by xtalmag December 27, 2012
A common substituent for sexual lubricant, most often used by the elderly.
Eloise get the Mayonnaise were all out of k-y.
by akaidiot13 August 24, 2011
Mayonnaise is the best condiment. Mayo beats out Mustard by a fat mile.
"Ayy bro want some mustard?"
"Hell nahh, I don't want toilet juice. Give me some of that Mayonnaise. You know that sweet life cream?"
by Larks D November 3, 2018