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The act of a male cutting or chopping off ones penis.
I Mayled my cock to prove you wrong.
by joe December 12, 2004
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A Mayle is a girl who is shy when young, but becomes bolder when she gets older. She has hobbies such as reading, writing, and swimming. She does sports but is also a very smart girl. She can be aggressive at times and will give threats, but can will never take up on her threats. A Mayle is the greatest friend a person could have and the greatest girlfriend a guy could have. A Mayle's personality can fit any situation, such as talking about something common, like boys, or something totally dark, like demon rituals. A Mayle is easy to befriend but will usually approach first because of her boldness when older. When realizing about her crush, she will get slightly shy, but will try her best to get to know her crush, unlike others who will date a guy just because he's hot. A Mayle has kindness in her blood and smart genes from birth. No other could compare. Mayle is the definition of everything great.
Friend: "Is Mayle a great girl friend or what?"

Guy: "Yes, but she's also a great girlfriend."

by KillerKatDemon June 08, 2016
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