The hip-hop artist from Toronto, not to be confused with the improper spelling of "mayhem".
did you misspell the word "mayhem" you fucking idiot or did you mean the rap channel causemayham?
by urbandictiongary January 7, 2021
To dance in a ridiculous fashion until you can’t breathe properly through over-exertion or laughing.

To create mayhem and 'ham it up' on the dancefloor.
Did you see us MayHamming last night, I laughed so much I almost peed myself
by laurab193 May 8, 2011
When midnight shift workers proceed to go to the bar and getting completly wasted after their shift ends instead of going home and going to sleep.
Charles: Dude tonight has sucked we should totally arrange some mayham-in-the-A.M.
Twon: For sure, this night has been a complete bag of ass.
by nbroo April 19, 2009