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Mayely is the most loyal and beautiful person you will ever meet. Oh but she is also very smart and will give you a attuide if you give her one. Also if you dont give a fuck about her or dont care enough she will not give a fuck about you period. So you better treat mayely good and don't let her go because she is one of a kind. But she is a really good friend and a very fun person to be around with and did i mention that she looks like a godess. Mayely is also a very trustable person you can trust her with anything and also wont judge because she was been through a lot and can understand what your going through. Mayely is also very nice which is why she has loys of friends and is liked by everyone. Plus Mayely has all the guys drooling over her when she walks by. She is also gf material if you get to date her you are very lucky there is no words to explain how good of a gf she is oh and plus a mayely is also kinds freaky. But only some will get to know the true Mayely because sometimes she will be in pain but won't say or she trusts you enough she will be the weirdest and funniest person you will ever meet.
girl 1: Damn the new girl is hella pretty imma try and be her friend do you know her name
Girl 2 : yeah I think her name is Mayely
Boy 1: She's hot too
by Cool August 05, 2018
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The most hottest girl u will ever meet in your life she has beautiful eyes and smile she is irresistible and u should never let her go
by Mayelys boyfriend February 16, 2018
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