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Mayeli is the girl you wish you had. Her beauty is like no other she is a goddess. She is a faithful partner. And even though she may seem as if she does not care. Deep down her love runs deep but shes just never been good with words. But if you really pay attention to her. Her actions show you how much you mean to her. She may be a busy girl but if any chance she gets, she will make the effort to spend it with the one she loves. Mayeli can sometimes be moody, only a very patient and understanding partner will doe for her
Mayeli your so beautiful i cant help but look love struck when i stare at you

Best match: Luis
by D3adboy October 21, 2017
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Mayeli is the best person you will ever meet.She is nice,pretty,sweet,and fun to be around .She will always have your back and will neveret you down
by Asome7353728 October 13, 2015
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