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the prowess with which one humbly acquires the ability to accomplish the most unthinkable things with incredible ease almost making it seem... magical
Shyam - Yo how did you get free tickets to a private box at a 76ers game?

Mayank - don't worry about it...

Shyam - Oh yeah, you and your mayankness... i should stop asking and start asking why not me!

Ex. 2

Shyam - HOw did you get a job on set with M. Night Shyamalan for the new movie Avatar?

HOw did you get your face to be used for the action figure they are making for the fire nation character?

How did you get a chance to double Dev Patel for the entire movie?

Mayank - Don't worry bout it... i got lucky?

Shyam - um... crap, i did it again. Why didn't I get all that? Why don't i have mayankness?
by JusToOriginal March 02, 2010
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