National tell your crush you like them day

If you have a crush you have to tell them how you feel on this day. So go get your bae because your beautiful and you deserve them.
Omg it’s May 25th I have to tell Ariana I like her.
by Angle2525252525 October 29, 2019
Everyone born on this day is automatically the best person on this earth. Specially people named Lisa, Noa, Mike, Emily and Julia.
Person1: Omg! She's the best!
Person2: Ofc She's born on may 25th!
by Teddybae October 15, 2019
Jared : yo bro its May 25th national Grab your crushes ass day !

Max : 😐 bruh
by Jayden ! May 22, 2022
International Baker army day

A day everyone in the Cash and Maverick Baker army celebrates

People in the baker army (fandom) created this day for a recreational purpose but is very important to them as their fandom ( #bakerarmy ) is one of the strongest and will always unite to make one another happy, they’re a pretty awesome group if you ask me, if you ever have any worries you can always talk to anybody be from the bakerarmy as they will always listen and show you how to have a good time.
Louise: “what’s the date?”
Harley: “May 25th, why?”
Louise: “it’s International Baker army day!”
Harley: “happy Baker army day”
Louise: “to you too”
by Queenmegan July 3, 2020
Memorial day. Commemorate the standing. sitting, laying, resting, fallen, & forgotten soldiers that fought for the United states of America. Thank you!
"Hey, Bobby, it's May 25th."
"What's that mean, dad?"
"Well, it's a day where we all, if American or American immigrants, commemorate the soldiers who have served this country."
"oh, thanks dad. I didn't know that"
"No problem son. God Bless America!"
by moonkid May 26, 2020
The New International Goth Day because Alli forgot
Foley: HOW

*may 25th was made new goth day shortly after the incident”
by Bes Mean May 25, 2021
A day of the year
Person 1: Define may 25th
Person 2: a day of the year dumb butt
by Thatonegirl1029384756 October 30, 2019