Send a nude to your lover on April 18th.
by Kingkilla 166 April 19, 2018
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April 18th is smack ass day, where you can smack someone's ass.
"Bro what the fuck?" "It's April 18th, smack ass day" "oh"
by TheBeginner2490 April 12, 2022
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International dominant Woman day; A day when dominant women are celebrated by submissive bitches
Bro tommorows April 18th, my girls gonna tie me up and peg me!!
by NotDemented April 18, 2022
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THE DAY THE LOVE OF MY LIFE WAS BORN! IT IS SUCH A SPECIAL DAY I SHALL CHERISH IT FORVER! WE SHALL MAKE YOUR BIRTHDAY THE BEST CELEBRATION EVERY YEAR. If you hate the day April 18 I will be bashing your skull in into freshly made cement and let your head dry with it. I am currently under your bed in the process of typing this. You won’t live another day. IF YOU WERE BORN ON APRIL 18TH YOU ARE THE BEST PERSON KNOWN TO MANKIND, YOU ARE SO VERY ATTRACTIVE. MY LIFE HAS NEVER BEEN BETTER WITHOUT YOU. I LOVE YOU.
You were born on April 18th?

Please make out with me.
by qalactiix June 9, 2021
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National steal a kiss day part 2

Cause I missed the first one🤷🏻 ♂️
“Bro it’s April 18th national steal a kiss day don’t be a pussyfr don’t be a pussy
by Sir no vert April 18, 2019
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Only the cutest and wholesome people (normally a very soft boi/girl)are born on this day, they sometimes curse and have a little mean girl side but they have a big heart and a wholesome personality!! uwu
Person A: oh it’s April 18th my birthday uwu
Person b: omg happy birthday you soft boi /girl
Person A: uwu
by Wholesomekinguwu October 28, 2019
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