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Pronounciation; Mack-see-dance

A Maxidance is a very flambouyant, impromptue and unsophisticated creative motion of body performed usually by a gay person or alternatively a very gay acting straight person (straight queen). The maxidance is performed as an expression of doubt towards one's sexuality, and is never scheduled or announced. This dance can last anywhere from two seconds to a minute or more.

The creator of this dance, Max (Fratpad) has demonstrated that in order to perform it, a person does not need any sort of musical, rythmic or dancing skill at all. All that is required is a low sense of self esteem and weak moralistic values. The dance is performed better however, by power bottoms and latent homosexuals.
A guy that claims to be straight, but who wears wifebeaters and jacks off his friends for money on camera, walks into a nightclub and does a very flambouyant, unusual and random dance for a few moments.

Person 1: Look at that homo doing the Maxidance

Person 2: That's Max himself!

Leo: He's going home in September...I want him to leave the country!

Flipntony: Wah!
by Jace Jaxon August 10, 2009
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