A DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) song that runs between 140 and 320 beats per minute. Part of the "Max" series (Max 300, Maxx Unlimited, and the Legend of MAX,) It runs at a very quick pace. It has been given a legendary "10-foot rating", naming it as one of the hardest DDR songs in existence. (Only about 7 songs have been given a 10 foot rating, and some beyond that.)

It is an ExtraStage in DDRMAX2. (To access ExtraStage, the player must score an AA ranking or higher on his Final Stage song, Heavy mode.) In ExtraStage, the player is forced to play the heavy difficulty at 1.5x speed, in Reverse (the arrows scroll down instead of up), and Dark. (The stepzone is not displayed)

If Maxx Unlimited is completed as an ExtraStage, the player plays the Encore Extra Stage, Kakumei. (革命)
I just finished MaxX Unlimited Heavy... I'm going to lie down now.
by Jordan Morgan February 21, 2004
bar raper's paradise, has a helluva lot of jumps and freezes. fast too
Splay: Look at that n00b, raping the bar on DDR.
Hashm: uh, he's playing MaxX Unlimited on Heavy...
by Wink 152 July 15, 2004
Maxx Unlimited, a hard song on the DDR series, from the MAX series, not impossible on heavy ^_~
DDR Max2
by DDR-Masta January 14, 2004
Extra Stage song on DDRMAX2 -Dance Dance Revolution 7th Mix-. Runs at 320 BPM.
by APOO July 29, 2003
A very scary song that I've been trying on light mode for a month and are yet to suceed.
by Zach G. November 15, 2003