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Extra Stage song on DDRMAX2 -Dance Dance Revolution 7th Mix-. Runs at 320 BPM.
by APOO July 29, 2003
Just some drink that turns grown-ups teeth into tombstones and makes children run around like theyre nuclear powered.
Neighbour: 'Gees Doris your kid is so energetic! Is he on speed? By the way when did you last visit a dentist?'

Doris: 'We just won a years worth of Pepsi cola'
by APOO August 1, 2004
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A biggoted web site promoting anti-Islamic hate, and egregiously pro-Israel propaganda. A dishonestly named site.
by APOO July 27, 2004
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the wisest man in the world. usually hangs out with creatures such as sheep, linda, chirri, and hanan. is so cool, you dont even know him
apoo is so cool
by APOO March 11, 2004
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