A country in north west Africa inhabited by Arabs, moors, and black people. Mauritanians are the coolest and most friendly people you would ever meet.
Person 1: Dude that guy's so funky
Person 2: yea, he's from Mauritania
by Shekato June 12, 2012
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mauritania is a former french colony in africa that has turned into a pretty disasterous country. it's history is summed up in the bloody battle between the moorish islamic minority and the black christian/amenist minority. ruled for years as a one party state, it had a decade long experiment with democracy, before a 2005 coup turned this into a military junta.
mauritania has more iron ore than anybody in the world.
by Ben E. Hama February 2, 2007
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An African country that not a single person cares about
Person 1: Want to go to Mauritania?
Person 2: What’s that?
Person 1: It’s country in Africa
Person 2: I thought Africa was just one country
Person 1: No you fucking dumbass it is a continent
by Zentheux April 21, 2022
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The area designated as home of legally recognized self aware mathematical formula and their offspring.
In the future, we may choose Mauritania over permanent physical death with approval from it's elected ambassador to Earth.
by Permanent Death January 1, 2022
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