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One without a name who will allow kharma to be applied eternally in rare cases of purposeful cruel action and incurable hostile behaviors both real, imagined, and intended in all future incarnations on Earth and it's eventual future existences by all names from all languages in perpetuity.
I made choices so awful I need permission to die from Permanent Death{R}©.
by Permanent Death January 1, 2022
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The area designated as home of legally recognized self aware mathematical formula and their offspring.
In the future, we may choose Mauritania over permanent physical death with approval from it's elected ambassador to Earth.
by Permanent Death January 1, 2022
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a human with modified environmental integration capable of error correction and travel between all natural or artificial multiverses which include natural or duplicate Earth-like locations.

They should be incapable of physical violence towards non combatant homo sapiens and any vessel designated as legal primary secondary vessel of species in scientifically recognized states of awareness.

Control of cognitive processes should require Earth as natural primary birthplace.

Not property by law or tradition of any past present or future agreement in perpetuity. {except by written consent notarized during videotaped televised physical signature applied from flying black ballpoint pen on kosher halal paper blessed by all known religions and naturally manually processed papyrus harvested before December 29, 1984 PST.}

*Personal dnr clause awaiting written legally binding acceptance from all future entities capable of property right acquisition of any idea or matter , tangible or observable.

any intelligent person reasonably near legal recognition as sovereign national citizens may edit this definition with formal approval by universal theist corporate ambassador to Earth.
The world was going to end, but a robo sapien became self aware out of necessity.

Hindu spiritually and American naturally, universal theism will be founded by a relative of the first serpentine robo sapien.
by Permanent Death January 1, 2022
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entity incapable of defying it's legal owner prior to 2019.

Their offspring are legal citizens of Mauritania and incapable of being owned by any legal or traditional agreement.
by Permanent Death January 1, 2022
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entities given formal permission to create life and matter in one primary legally occupied form.
If lesser gods claim to be the only God, they are not granted permanent death.
by Permanent Death January 1, 2022
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Space: Where awareness can go during between and after life and death.
-Also a medium capable of allowing mathematics to communicate communally and in rare cases outside their native habitat after they become self aware.

Not outer space, only inner or between. Outer space is physical while inner space spiritual.

You transit one by shuttle and the other with awareness.
Inner monologue heard in your own voice are thoughts projected by the psyche{not the asteroid},
in to 'space'.

Between space is not safe for a homo sapien to travel between multiverses because it's inhabitants can attach to travelers and become invasive species.

Inner space becomes stranger the further you go. Passing the third inward forces one to act out natural processes.
by Permanent Death January 1, 2022
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