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Matyas is a funny and sportive guy. He likes to joke around and be immature. Matyas hates to see people sad and will always cheer them up. Matyas also has a flirtatious side. He likes to make out with girls and have sex with girls he thinks would make good playmates. If your alone with Matyas be sure that he will make moves on you. When a Matyas pulls you in you can't resist his actions. His kisses can blow you away and his eyes are as sexy as can be.
That guy is super sexy. He's for sure a Matyas!
by TheAwesomeQueen October 14, 2017
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a creature usually seen sporting a faux-hawk, pauly-d nikes, and a hint of swag. they appear in many places across america, due to their inability to stop reproducing.
A: dude whats on that guys head?
B: i dont know... i think its a mini mohawk or something.
A: the guy's walking around with a little strut.
B: so matyas.
by 2betwo September 20, 2010
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