Someone who comes from Eastern Europe and has Eastern European ancestry.
'' Hey have you seen those Eastern Europeans they are f****** badass! ''
by James Hingley May 31, 2008
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A person who comes from Eastern Europe and has Eastern European ancsetory, often known for their good looks and oddly shaped feet that they have.
"Have you seen the new smoking hot Eastern European student in class, shame about her feet"
by Charlie1 December 24, 2012
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Very sexy girls that originate from Eastern Europe, mainly from Russia, Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia, Ukraine, Latvia and so on. They are known for their very sexy and slender bodies and most have natural blonde hair with blue eyes. Their thin bodies show that some could be anorexic and some Eastern European girls are fat but this is very uncommon in that part of the world. Most prostitutes come from Eastern Europe. They are the most beautiful women in the world and most speak English with a very sexy accent.

Unfortunately there would be a few that would steal your money after marrying you and would run away after the 3rd day of marriage. Eastern European girls like to live in english speaking countries; especially England, America and Canada.

On the plus side, they are very friendly and they love black and asian guys. They don't eat fast food and put American girls to shame in beauty contests. Some Eastern European girls can also be quite lazy and some don't work at all. You don't have to visit Eastern Europe to see them, just travel to London or New York and they will be there.
Adam: Hey Joe check out this picture of my new girlfriend and she's from Russia.
Joe: WOW, shes fucking hot!
Adam: Yeah, Eastern European girls are so beautiful.
by Downtown Wtf August 10, 2009
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A really ugly and fat person who really wants sex so they decide to be a prostitute. Usually females with moustaches.
EEP :Looking for a good time?
Man would be so hard to resist if you didn't have a piece of chicken stuck in your moustache
by anonymous February 3, 2005
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A bogus drinking card game you play with a group and target an unsuspecting person. The whole time you (and your accomplices) work to make the subject drink as much as possible. Goal is to see how far you can push without letting them discover that there is no actual structure to the rules and they always seem to have to drink.
Examples of how Eastern European Card Draw plays out:

"Guess this card"
"Seven of Diamonds?"
"It is a Diamond, but it's a nine. And since it is Wednesday you must drink eleven sips."

"Guess this card"
"Six of Hearts"
"It's a ten of Clubs, ten minus six is four but multiply by a factor of three because you're drinking a light beer. So drink twelve."

"Guess this card"
"Ace of Hearts"
"You got it! Everyone else drink one."
by Bill Murray (really?) October 15, 2013
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The act of rubbing peanut butter on your penis before having sex with your partner who is on her period. After sex she pushes everything out onto a piece of bread.
Tim: Hey Mike, what you having for lunch?
Mike: I got that Eastern European PB+J today.
Tim: You nasty
by Mr. PB+J September 24, 2021
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