A fancy word used to make yourself sound more intelligent in a high stakes situation. Actual definition is irrelevant, use it confidently to replace any more common word and earn immediate respect from your friends and co-workers.
Len: What's the play coach?
Hank (Coaching in the Super Bowl and aware he is mic'd for sound): Just keep matriculating the ball down the field, boys.
Len: Got it coach!
Otis (Back in the huddle): What the hell does matriculate mean?
Len: I have no idea, but from the context it is clear he wants us to continue advancing the ball, and I'm inspired as fuck right now.
by mtgeezycreezy December 10, 2016
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A term used originally used by Hank Stram, the coach of the Kansas City Chiefs in the 1960's during Superbowl IV, which describes consistently gaining yards and moving the football down the field against an opponents defense.

The term is now used by a multitude of sports anchors when reviewing football highlights.
"Yeah let's just keep matriculatin' the ball down the field, boys!" - Hank Stram

by Lon October 08, 2005
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1. (v.) To incite. To make something happen.
2. (v.) To move from one venue to another.
1. Hey, i'm-a go pop at theze breezys and see what I can matriculate.
2. Thizz club is dead. Let'z go matriculate over to Jevaun'z house and see if tha house-party'z craccin.
by Rill Talk May 24, 2006
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v. To Matriculate

Matriculate - To age, mature, or to improve/make better.
Ex. I must matriculate this cheese, before I can get a good profit from it.

Ex. Matriculate your essay, and correct your grammar mistakes, then I will take another look at it.
by Fub257 December 29, 2009
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To carry, esp. in football. Used most often by sports news anchors.
Watch as Dante Hall gets the punt and starts matriculating the ball down the field.
by DrAstroZoom January 09, 2004
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To commit the act of matrimony.
To commit.

To be confined to a group.

To seek a score for matrimony
Wayne is a premature Matriculator. He prefers to buy the cow rather than get the milk for free.
Bullock is the consumate matriculator going from wife to wife in rapid succession.
Jen is looking for a serial matriculator with the skills to pay the bills.
by thaz February 03, 2014
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The ability to put data into a matrix.
That data is SOOOOO not matriculable!
by Momatt June 08, 2005
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