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When someone corrects every single wrong math equation he sees, he/she is a member of the Mathia. The word itself is a combination of Math, and Mafia. They are basically Grammar nazi's, but with math instead of grammar. The word originates from a dutch kid named Jeroen (me), who came up with the word during a math class, and is now trying to spread it across the internet.
Person 1: 1+1=3
Member of the Mathia: Wrong, 1+1=2
Person a: Dude, you don't have to correct evrybody on their math. What are you, a member of the Mathia?
by Nixel October 01, 2014
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A girl a lot of guys will like but turns out to be a bitch in the end she is usually forgotten about over time thats a Mathia
Mathia pretends to like but will talk about u behind their back.
by Noahthebestatsoccer January 11, 2014
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