A tow truck that in the World of Cars represents a loyal friend to Lightning McQueen and a good hearted person, but in the real world if you saw him you would be reminded of a drug dealer or homeless pedophile.
Lightning McQueen: Hey there Mater, wanna go Tractor Tipping?
Random Car in the “real world:” Get the fuck away from me rusty rapist
by Dusty craphopper January 19, 2021
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NC slang for crack-cocaine.
He definately smokes that mater.

That bitch is all matered up.
by lolomgwtfbbqroflcopter May 20, 2010
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A man that squats to pee.
I heard that swedes have clean toilets cause they're maters and they don't get pee on the lid.
by Hotlixx May 4, 2009
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Pronounced "maiter"... S.C. slang for a mans penis, cock, dick
She said no sex on the first date. So then I asked if she would suck on my Mater instead.
by freakyzekey September 24, 2011
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oh no butter scones for me mater, im off to fly the grand piano

by jeny September 2, 2007
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Mater Pronounced: maiter. Redneck for Tomato.
I like fried, green maters on ma hog jowl samich ( I like to fried, green tomato on my hog jow sandwich).

by DB Gibb March 9, 2006
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the name for a significant other who is a dedicated partner, but where no marriage has taken place. indicative of a much stronger relationship than simply "boyfriend" or "girlfriend."
i'd like to introduce my mater, sheri.
by dankhaddock January 18, 2010
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