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Matei is Matt or Matthew in English translated from Romanian. Usually the name of a smoking hot Romanian with spiked hair, and usually very cocky. Great guy and very funny!
Wow, Matei is a super hot guy! I really like his leather jacket.
by Jerkoi January 11, 2012
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Slang with a penis that's anything larger than 9 inches. The term is derived from a viral YouTube co-host who's multiple "bulge" photos make fans believe his penis is abnormally large.
Brice: Hey, man. I accidentally saw you get out of the shower. Nice Matei bro!
Mike: I know.
by Matt Actual December 17, 2015
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when u get friendzoned every single time

x: sup bro did she let u t hit last night?
y: nah bro i got mateied
I just got mateied
by awgemane June 14, 2018
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