Amazing band, amazing music, amazing concert coming up
"Did you buy the new Matchbook Romance cd, Stories and Alibis, Menwell?"
"Indeed I did Juloe"
by Rivers March 3, 2004
A phrase which can also mean a one night in the romance didn't last past the bed, which from above looks like a matchbox.
"Dude, I had sweet matchbox romance with Samantha, and today she shook my hand, wtf?"
by Punkhead May 27, 2005
Is one of the greatest bands on their new rocks
If you've never heard of Matchbook Romance download the songs My Eyes Burn, Promise, PLaying For Keeps....then buy the cd
by Keri September 21, 2004
Another crappy band loved hysterically, not only for their feminine makeup and tight pants, but for the squealing vocals. What a world emo has created but for the intake of more bands such as Matchbook romance?
If you can barely see out of one eye because of your really gay hair, have pants that make you look like you have a vagina, and makeup for no god damn reason except to conform to the next big scene...chances are youre something close to this band.
by Bob April 19, 2005
the best band ever... it totally sucks that they broke up.
look up the song monsters by matchbook romance next time you can. it is my fave song by them.
by caitlin (mt) July 11, 2008