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it's the use of pretty and/or sexy people to induce the public into an idiot stare and ignore the big important problems that affect their lives. The viewers get orgasmic from what they see.
Television, newspapers, Internet articles, magazines and other outlets often use pictures of beautiful people to promote ideas and to sell products. Now in articles concerning lovely stars on the Net people put on comments like cougar, MILF, I'd do her or I'd hit it etc. TV news, movies, music and other means of entertainment often use women who have sex appeal but no intelligence to manipulate your fantasies. Examples:

1. I was in a bar and the TV (set on MTV2) played a Spice Girls video. All the other guys gawked at it even though the Girls had no musicality whatsoever and the song was crap.

2. Bob Dole was in a Pepsi ad where he admired a certain talentless diva on his TV. Dole has an honorable enough track record but this was quite unbecoming of him, this ad had no class at all.

3. American Idol often features PYTs that can't sing to save their lives. And then there's Paula Abdul who does have some talent...

4. It's common to see pretty news reporters who report awful events with a smile. Then the news crew may slip in unimportant stories about some dumb diva getting her head shaved. Then there's a BRIEF report on war and recession then it's back to the cutesy-wutsey stuff. Then after some time passes families lose sons and fathers to combat, people lose jobs, careers, homes, freedom, individuality, their souls and money.

Then one day people look around and the fog begins to lift. More shillmeisters crawl out from under the woodwork and some hate groups appear from under the rocks. The public has been deceived. Thieves have pulled out the rug from under the people of a Masturbation Nation.

4. Hit you in a soft place with sentimental ease.
They know all the fantasies that you romance to.
Watch her every move


5. Whatever happened to equality of the sexes? It's a masturbation nation.
by I Saw U2 Live Twice June 13, 2009
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