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A country with a high proportion of lonely single men or pubescent teenagers who cannot find women to fulfill their sexual desires, so they resort to extreme masturbation to cope with the anxiety and depression associated with the loneliness. For example, the UK is full of wankers, so it could be considered a masturbation nation. Who knows though there is no official organisation responsible for naming a masturbation nation.
Hey Junaid, I heard your girlfriend dumped you. Don't worry you are part of the masturbation nation now, we will take good care of you
by Juna358 April 07, 2019

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(Noun) Informal medical name for severe diarrhoea especially the explosive liquid kind that sprays the toilet bowl.
Hey Junaid, I heard you were diagnosed with a case of shitzophrenia.
by Juna358 April 04, 2019

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(noun) A special area of the bedroom of sexually aroused teenagers or perverts where lubricants are stored for masturbation. It is separate to the masturbarion station and it can store a wide variety of lubricants to meet the sexual needs of its owner.
Hey, have you seen Junaid's lubrication station. It is well stocked with all the best lubes.
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by Juna358 May 19, 2019

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