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Masterman: A man who exudes mastery and integrity because he has self-discipline, confidence, clarity of purpose on a daily basis, and strategic direction of his life. Women are extremely attracted to a masterman (think Rockstar), young boys clamor to be lead by a masterman, and peers seek the counsel of a masterman often in the context of a mastermind group.
A masterman has mastered the art of initiative and positively contributes and participates in the lives of others.
A masterman is a success in all aspects of his life.
Young Boy (to friend): "I want to be just like that masterman when I group up!"

Sexy Babe (lustful thought): "I want to make babies with that masterman!"

Rich Dude (on phone): "Hey, your solution helped me close a mega-deal, thanks! You da masterman!"
by Love Linguist April 18, 2009
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The master of all that is strait and cool. One who can overcome any obsticle, has to fight off the chicks, and knows how to style.

Sidekick: Baby J
Baby J: I would be nothing without the Masterman.

Masterman: The world would be nothing without me, the Masterman!
by Andrew May 01, 2004
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