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To be well versed in the art of finger banging. Finger fucking, if you will.
Christina: Wow Bean, you are really great at fingering.
Bean: Turn around and let me put it in your butt. They call me the master blaster in certain circles.
by P.J. Hutch October 25, 2009
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Masterblaster, the legendary morning wake-up commonly practiced in Detroit.

Masterblaster is the first magnificent hit you pack into your stem; and you blast off to complete awake

"You ready for your masterblaster my dude?"
"Fuck yes I am"
"To the moooooooooooooon this morning"
by Pharmexist April 19, 2016
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A bad-ass handgun, like a .357 Magnum or Desert Eagle .50 cal
Vince pulls out his master-blaster, all seven inches of it, draws a bead on Friar Tuck, says "Adios, asshole!" and pulls the trigger. Friar Tuck disintegrates in a giant red cloud.
by William Dean A. Garner September 18, 2003
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this is a word to describe a sexual eruption and/or romantic explosion. it is used in male conversation to stay secretive around women.
guys: dude i got in a good masterblaster session yesterday.
girl: wtf r u guys talking about
guys: MHHHHHM!
by Shoe-Shine and Kyle January 26, 2008
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The midget controlled behemoth from Beyond Thunderdome. He's pretty ripped but pretty stupid=can really fuck some shit up.
Old Master Blaster is at it again with the chainsaw and all. Just a cuttin and a punchin and all he's got is that crazy blacksmith aussie midget to love em...well plus me of course.
by Sky Puncher August 17, 2006
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to perform this little gem you will need a latex glove, some lube and a willing participant as depraved as yourself. lube up the gloved hand and ease it into your partners anus. when you are wrist deep, take your free hand and punch her/him in the stomach while at the same time tearing the ass hand out. this will result in a shit spray like a garden hose.
i gave your mama such a master blaster last night i had to mop my wall twice and it still smells a little poopy.
by smacky October 03, 2004
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Someone who actually believes turrent is a word. Also, may or may not be retarded.
MasterBlaster: A turrent is the term used when descirbing a turret and the attached structure.
So Technicly even while in this case it was actually a typo.. I was correct (sic)
by The Omnissiah July 17, 2010
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