To be well versed in the art of finger banging. Finger fucking, if you will.
Christina: Wow Bean, you are really great at fingering.
Bean: Turn around and let me put it in your butt. They call me the master blaster in certain circles.
by P.J. Hutch October 26, 2009
Master means biggest, best, thoroughly skilled and dominating.

Blaster means a powerful ejaculating cock so bad it should be classed a SciFi weapon.

Or in other words, a Master Blaster is a cock of the biggest and most powerful type - one that will dominant your world.
They are talking about me in that Ivor Biggun song "Bras on 45". I got the Master Blaster and will rock your world.

When the twins finished me off, my Master Blaster about shot down that starship Enterprise.

Little girl I don't think you are ready for the Master Blaster. But come back when you are 18 and we can work on some stretching exercises. You got some nice potential in your ass and boobs for a 15 year old. - Leroy Brown
by William Shaftner February 10, 2010
While your partner is giving you oral sex,you wrap your legs over their shoulders,grab their head, and while climaxing you cry out "WHO RUN BARTER TOWN?!"
GIRL:(giving head)
GIRL:(after swallowing)What the fuck was that?
GUY:Relax baby, just having a Master Blaster.
by Jobez February 2, 2007
This is when you have a threesome and the guy is gett'n his dick suckd and gets a rim job at the same time then he finally cums a massive stream of baby batter and then squarts the bitches face with the hersey squirts.
Dre:Yo man you here wut i did to those dumb bitches i fuckn gave them tha Master Blaster

Friend: For realllzz man that must of bin dirt nasty
by HK CLG January 15, 2010
Also "the Super Shocker" - 2 in the stink and 1 in the pink as opposed to it's more common and comfortable cousin.
I hooked up with a drunk groupie back stage at the Steel Panther concert last week and when she begged me for more, I gave her the Master Blaster.
by VickersVagina March 29, 2010
A bad-ass handgun, like a .357 Magnum or Desert Eagle .50 cal
Vince pulls out his master-blaster, all seven inches of it, draws a bead on Friar Tuck, says "Adios, asshole!" and pulls the trigger. Friar Tuck disintegrates in a giant red cloud.
by William Dean A. Garner September 18, 2003
The midget controlled behemoth from Beyond Thunderdome. He's pretty ripped but pretty stupid=can really fuck some shit up.
Old Master Blaster is at it again with the chainsaw and all. Just a cuttin and a punchin and all he's got is that crazy blacksmith aussie midget to love em...well plus me of course.
by Sky Puncher August 18, 2006