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A collective term for a large number of people, bigger than the regular crew or posse.
Majority of people, tends to refer to the working class.
Often used by organisers (particularly revolutionaries) as the term for the large numbers of people who will be joining the cause (they just might not know it yet).
Often heard chanting "This is what democracy looks like..."
Organiser 1: Lets go stop this GE in our food.
Organiser 2: I'll go get the massif
A short time later - 10,000 people (the massif) march down Aucklands Queen St to show their dissent at GE. (cue: Govt ignore massif)

by jogrrl July 09, 2006
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a word used in the rap and hip community in Britian to mean good or great. usally said twice in succession.
"that song is massif, massif"
by Robert Swan December 04, 2006
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