The legend who ruled the Persian Empire. You have to be well worthy to deserve such a name. There's a committee which has to allow this name to be set upon you.
Their only dream was to call their son Masoud
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MASOUD is a arabiac name and mean is happiness, also this name is for Iranian people with same mean, in Turkey they using this name with different speel.
Masoud is good f...r
by Masoud ariaiy August 20, 2018
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Masoud is the name of a man with a incredibly large penis and has girls falling head over heels for him. He is of short stature but be carefull, as he has the ability to kill.
bro look at MASOUD, i want to be like that.
by the king of south sudan August 23, 2018
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Egyptian eunuch who attempts to rape intruders of ancient temples; often in vain.
The Masoud is coming, go get a brick!
by Amadeus Rock Me Hard April 27, 2007
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a really famous bitch who has had sex with a lot of people without condoms
you can use it to explain your anger
fuck mother of masoud
by fathers of masoud December 8, 2019
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an amazing kind guy that is a drama queen of going home from school and a handball pro and baseball
I met an extremely kind man named Abdulrahman Masoud.
by ethan godyman October 15, 2017
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Really cool guy, very generous and caring, always ready to help.His biggest flaw is unselfish attitude that can lead to his fall. He was born with Love and loves to hug you . Always have an Amir with you, hide him in your pocket or put him in your bag-pack.
You can find Amir-Masoud but you can't catch him ever .
by Capitan Hook November 23, 2021
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