Adjective describing someone whose actions illustrate their desire to inflict pain and suffering upon themselves.

Someone who enjoys causing their own suffering.
"And so the lion fell in love with the lamb..."
"What a stupid lamb" I sighed
"What a sick, masochistic lion."
by colddeadandsparklyy December 15, 2008
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Someone who gets sexual pleasure (horny) from being hurt or in pain.

Ex. When someone is:whipped, clawed to bleed, bitten to bleed, slapped, ect. and then want sex BAD.
Sarah: I was with this guy last night and I accidentally made him bleed.

Joe: Then what happened?

Sarah: He moaned and took me to the bedroom!

Joe: What a masochistic man!
by Miss.Masochist June 26, 2009
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Person who enjoys writing/using java
A: What is he doing the project in?
B: JAVA! What a masochist...
by ~javauser July 21, 2023
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A person who enjoys, or takes pleasure, in feeling pain. The term is not necessarily sexual.
I think Charlie might be a masochist, Jane.
by wildcannon46 October 23, 2015
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The Unus Annus trolley problem. If you do nothing, Mark and Ethan will be crushed by the trolley, but none of the unus annus videos will be deleted. If you pull the lever, all the videos will disappear, but Mark and Ethan will live. Ethan is sleeping peacefully and is unaware of the danger but Mark wants to be hit by the trolley NOT because he's a masochist but just because he wants to see if his body can handle it. Go on. He wants you to do it. He can take it. You don't need to worry about Ethan. Just let him rest. It will be okay. Just let it happen.
by yaxmissxme July 23, 2020
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A masochist is someone who feels pleasure from or enjoys the feeling of pain. This can be sexual pleasure, but is not always.
John enjoys pain, meaning he is a masochist
by TheFrenchDuck December 29, 2021
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