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A male/female, usually aged between 15 and 20, who looks to be in their early teens. Commonly refered to as losers, as they tend to insult their only friends, often resulting in alienation.
"I thought Jimmy was cool, until he called me a slut. Then I realized that he was a total Mashley, and I didn't need to waste my time around him."
by SarZeeAsh January 01, 2009
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The combined names of two soulmates with the names Ashley and Matt. Two of which can never be separated by any force known to man-kind.
It is a name given to the couple by their friends before they realize the couple are actually meant to be together forever.
Matt and Ashley dating and being soul mates = Mashley
by MathewD January 20, 2009
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The art of two people coming together, normally a guy and a girl, and one of them is controlling, and the other is a little bitch.
I would go fishing with you guys but Mashley won't ever let me.
by VandyVulture July 17, 2018
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A fat, usually bearded fake, whom you like at first then realise is just a narcissist trying to con you out of money to open a shit bar, then lose it all through incompetence

Often has small hands
I used to fancy Martin, but after he stole from me and lost all the money, I realised he was a Mashley.
by Hiding in the dark. May 01, 2017
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