A very upbeat music. Usually has a female vocalist and a male rapper. Euro, or eurodance/Hi-NGRY(or high energy) is played on radio stations such as Z103.5. Euro is known as Gino Beats aswell. Euro always has a very catchy beat and is fast.
Great euro artists are:
Fun Factory
First Base
2Brothers on the 4th Floor
Culture Beat
Clubs like Club Menage, always play great euro classic, located at 333 King St. West in Downtown Toronto. And every Wednesday Night, they have Wayback Wednesdays playing all the hot wayback playback euro tracks live to air on Z103.5
by 4ever euro July 13, 2005
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A genre of music related to techno and electronica. It's generally upbeat and energetic.
Eiffel 65, ATC, and the Vengaboys are great examples of Eurodance.
by Darth Kiljoy June 28, 2006
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a (usually) happy, energetic, sugary type of EDM (electronic dance music).
DJ Markski
Solid Base
are all good examples of eurodance
by Skrip September 01, 2003
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