One of the best lead guitar players in the world. Marty Friedman played in Cacophony with his friend and legendary guitarist Jason Becker. Martys leads will tear any whimps head off. Marty friedman also played in the legendary speed metal band Megadeth, Releasing legendary thrash album Rust in Peace. Unfortunately, Marty no longer plays metal, but has moved on to J pop.
One of the best heavy metal guitarists of his time.
by Daniel February 26, 2005
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one of the greatest guitarists around today. in a band called megadeth and cacophony. Slash sucks ass
by HimanshuInAbox March 10, 2005
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Best versatile guitarist around. He can play anything.
Marty has played Pop to Metal and is a great instrumentalist. Just listen to the album "True Obsessions".
by joe March 12, 2005
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