(Also: Martin Luthered) Verb. A sexual position where the woman is held against a door and penetrated vigorously. i.e. Nailing her to the door.
"Dude, I was totally Martin Luthering Jennifer last night."
by R & K November 26, 2007
(verb) the sexual act of pinning a girl against a wooden door, and penetrating her traditional values. (also known as Martin Luthered)
Freaky Frank: "Yo Molly, did you like when I pinned you to dat wooden door of yo room and nailed you so hard."

Molly: "Ahh yeah, you're Martin Luthering me."
by Mike Snifferpippets April 5, 2010
One of the founders of the Protestant branch of Christianity. He criticized many practices of the Catholic Church during his lifetime. Not to be confused with Martin Luther King, Jr.
Person1: Martin Luther had a dream that his four little children...
Person2: No, you're thinking Martin Luther King, Jr. Martin Luther was the founder of Protestantism.
by administrator January 19, 2009
Founder of Protestantism and bestselling author of On The Jews and their Lies (seriously a real book, just look on Wikipedia). And P.B.S. really likes him.
Martin Luther is the big daddy of Protestantism.
cool dude who turned over the whole religious establishment based on a belief that faith, not rules got you into heaven. Did his best writing in the loo, and taught about prayer from the barber shop. Now how cool is that
by -pastormom April 20, 2006
Someone who was not the perfect saint and hero that the media and institutions paint him as, in reality he was quite the opposite.
Please watch this 21 minute documentary until the end to see how much of what they hid from you about him,

The Sunday night before Martin Luther King day where many people celebrate this great man by getting drunk in his honor with no repercussions the next day
Kyle: hey garrett you gonna hit the beer bong tonight?!
Garrett: Why? its sunday night.
Kyle: Its Martin Luther's Eve! Feck it bro!
by Mikesauce23 January 17, 2011