She's the most sweetest of friends, really adorable and caring to everyone. She's the shipper, {you cannot ship the shipper unless the shipper ships herself}. She can sometimes become a badass and is sometimes quick-tempered, proteccs all the pure people in the world and screenshots the hell out of you in voice chats.
Kelsy: OMG that girl is so sweet and adorable, but also a badass
Tans: That's Marta!
by bEgOnEtHoT5577335511332244 October 30, 2018
If you meet a Marta, you deff not regret it. Martas are probably the sweetest people alive, they look out for others more than they look out for their selves. They are very strong minded and never give up for their sake. You can trust a Marta, they are loyal to the core. Their humor is well, dry. But everyone still laughs at their jokes because they are so bad.

So if you meet a Marta, never let them leave.
A Marta is very kind and caring.
by Lollihoppan December 31, 2019
A name so unique it can only belong to a special girl. She loves to have fun and live life to it's fullest. She is beautiful and loving, which draws the attention of many. However, she will always be loyal to the end. She dislikes it when people mispronounce her name, so dont!
Her name is Marta, not Maria, not Mara.
by EDMJohn July 17, 2019
She owns multiple men in her basement
please help im one of them please get me the fuck out of here I cant handle it anymore

- Marta :)
by Exciteddd July 31, 2021
she's a one in a million girl. the best girl you'll ever know. she's sweet like dulces, smart and caring like a lioness, and she makes your day like the sun shines. your day wont be complete if you talk to her and/or see her beauty. she possesses a beautiful smile, a chemical extract of perfection along with her amazing personality. and she's fun to be with. she's nice unlike other bitches you'll meet.

whenever you see her, you'd stop and pause because you wouldnt know what to do or say to her for you are mesmerized.
Her body is just a blessing from God down here to earth. she is bootylicious like when i saw her at the track. her soft lips and her soft skin.

one kiss and you'll know that you want to be with her. all problems would go away and you'd feel like in heaven. just you and her.

So as i lay I reminisce on the day that we met and how we have been since.

Please God never let me forget.
man... marta is so awesome.
by bboycookie May 12, 2011
Marta has so many amazing qualities it is hard to know where to start, she is funny, kind, smart, beautiful, caring and overall the bestfriend, girlfriend, or wife anyone could ever wish for.... Some good words to describe Marta are: swag, silly, adorable, beautiful, boobielicious.
I'm so lucky to have Marta in my life
by Jacksonisme March 5, 2016
The best friend in the whole entire world and the most perfect person that could ever come into your life! The only person that can make you smile every time you think about them no matter what kind of mood you're in. Anyone who doesn't know a Marta should could get to know one because who knows, one day they could change your life :)
Person 1: Hey, do you know that Marta chick?
Person 2: Oh hell yeah I do! That's my best friend in the entire world!
Person 1: I wish I had a Marta...
Person 2: I bet you do, who doesn't? :)
by mynameisnotalexis August 21, 2010