The most gorgeous girl in the entire universe; has gorgeous eyes and is the most caring person ever.
by eagle eye1003 February 02, 2010
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Cute , funny , bad ass girls who enjoy having fun. Adventurous usually smokers. Very bad attitude but biggest sweetheart you could possibly meet likes to party usually have long brown hair and very short
by She100 May 18, 2014
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A beautiful girl who will make you smile and die laughing. She has a best friend named Adriana. And both day is October 23. She is an amazing friend who wants to be a teacher. She dreams of being a mother and want to make people happy. She is the sun to adrianas moon and will make you feel better. She can not look at some one cry and not cry herself. She is shy to strangers. But when she is near her friends she lets her personality fly and spreads her wings! If you find a rare Kelsy like this, don't let her go.
Kelsy is amazing!
by Dat_one_potato October 23, 2018
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The utmost geekiest of beings. Will go crazy at the drop of a dime.
You hear what Kelsy did? Yeah she's bat shit crazy!
by BoozeKrusen88 December 21, 2016
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Kelsie is one of the smartest, most beautiful girls you've ever seen. She is smart in school and in life. She stands up for what she believes in but can be shy around big groups or people she doesn't know. She doesn't think she is as pretty as she actually is and will deny it if you mention her appearance. She doesn't go for guys depending on their looks. She cares about what's on the inside. She almost immediately hates anyone (and everyone) that is cocky, selfish, envious, or discriminates. She will help you if you're in need and she absolutely loves animals. She loves all of her friends and isn't afraid to call them out if they lie or do/say something offensive
Person 1: Who is that girl from biology?
Person 2: Oh that's Kelsie. She helped me with the assignment last week. I got an A on my paper.
Person 1: Wow. Smart and beautiful.
by Shinymetaltoaster October 12, 2018
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Kelsie is the most amazing girl. Ever. She can put a smile on your face even when she doesn't have one on hers. She is the Most beautiful girl ever but she doesn't think so. She's had so many evil things done to her, But she still finds new ways to love people. When you start talking to her, it hurts to stop . You can Literally talk all day and the only real reason you'd actually want to stop is if sleep interrupts you . She's silly and adorable with everything she does .She's one of the best artists you have ever seen. She is Art. Her beauty like shines through her very existence. She is a really great friend and you will always want to hang out with her. She is stupid beautiful and everyone knows it, But for some reason she tries to argue against everyone else. She has more friends than anyone, But can still feel lonely. She hurts alot, But keeps a smile on her face because shes strong . But she hates faking happiness . She has guys left and right falling for her but she chooses the dorkiest kid around. She loves Jesus and Kids, She has a huge heart and shes not afraid to share it with people. She has such greatness even though so many bad things have happened to her, But she tends to not see it. She's so cute . Not just her looks, but her very being is adorable. Shes hard not to love . She is Perfect.
" Bro.. This girl is.. She's Perfect. Like there's nothing i would change about her. "
"Dood. She's a total Kelsie."
by PajamaSam. July 23, 2012
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