West cumbrian slang, roughly translates to 'Mate'. Highly underused word outside of the glorious Cumbria...Spread the word, its fucking great marra!
by The Marra March 19, 2004
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In the pit villages of the Durham Coalfield, marrowing was a system of bed-sharing agreed by two friends who were on opposite shifts. Your bed sharer was known as your marrow, or "marra", and the term then became synonymous with "mate".
by Mick998 January 24, 2018
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Friend or mate. Used in greetings and to show respect to an equal, especially a fellow West Cumbrian.

An 'outsider' addressed as a marra should feel honoured and 'included' in what may be a select group.
Suppan pints wid me marras.
Tol lass as alluz bin me best marra.
Owa marras r in Wukitn, White-evan n Marypoort.
Me n me marras nivver miss Uppies n Downies.
Aaz nut gaan widoot me jam eater marras.
by Proud jam eater July 18, 2009
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A Man or Boy from the North East of Cumbria (Workington). Mainly Made out to be "Hard" Also see Scully!
Allrite Marra, hows ya doing?
by Markleshark March 19, 2004
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the slang word in cumbrian to say mate or friend
asser marra whens'oo ga'an yam
by sheiky September 8, 2005
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Cumbrian word for friend or 'mate'. Originates from the way marrows are grown in a field, lined up next to each other closely, as if they were friends.
Allrite Marra, hows ya doing?
by Stevie Jefferson January 16, 2008
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