Most amazing beautiful girl so nice sweet and always there for you also plays softball
Marrae come here i want to give you a hug
by SupahQ25 July 15, 2012
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Hot ass bitch that knows her shit and helps me get through problems and loves boys that fart a lot and smell like shit. She also kinda thiccc ngl with 3 cs bby. She rly hot and emo af. My type of bitch!!
Sophia marra almost made me loose NNN
by US2K21BBY November 5, 2019
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South African slang used by all ethnic groups. An appeal to reason, often ironic or sarcastic.

Interjection composed of "hau" - indicating surprise - and "marra", an Africanisation of the Afrikaans "maar", meaning "but". Often followed by "wena" or "uena", the emphatic/ accusative/ inclusive of the second person singular.
Hau marra, Sir, you are giving us too much homework these days!
by Polly Glot December 7, 2010
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A dirty Mexican that smells like a Bloody Mary with a side of trash. (Also see trash people.)
Wow! Did you see Matt Bitch Marra (mb) the other night drinking his Bloody Mary? I almost couldn't tell if it was dirty Mexican garbage or a person.
by SGs4E April 13, 2016
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Commonly known as a slang for "Mate" whoch is exactly what Marra is.
she is wonderful, funny and will make you feel loved after just talking to her for a few seconds.
you can always count on Marra and she will never let you down.
Marra you make me so soft
by AniniPanini May 28, 2020
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Marra is the definition of a girl who is a crackhead, super funny and also amazing. she is a wonderful person who you can always count on to make your day brighter.
"she's so lovely, but she also have a crackhead personality"
"that's because she's Marra"
by AniniPanini May 28, 2020
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Is the strongest and loveliest person I have ever met. She is the best catmom. The biggest workaholic with the biggest heart. Even if I don’t live close to her anymore, I know she is closer than ever to my heart.

A oh an she is 25% Italian.
Marra please stop making angry eyes. I know that you aren’t.
by Hasi November 20, 2021
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