What's going on, what's been going on.

What's the situation.

Can also be used as:

What's your crack (what's going on with you).

See also, "No crack" ("Nee crack" - Geordie) as an insult meaning boring, with nothing to talk about.
"What's the crack?".

"Not a lot, just been at work really".
by peteski22 August 8, 2011
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A phrase generally used in Northern Ireland meaning "any news", or something to that effect. It's answered with "nothing much" even if you do have news.
"What's the crack?"
"Nothing much. Oh, I won the lottery!".
by where'swally May 17, 2010
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What cracks tonight yo, gonna get a rusty trombone from da toofless hoe on the corner? Aight yo *does Saved by the Bell handshake*
by Scooter McFadden April 19, 2004
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Vegan or comedian alternative for "Whats cracking on the skillet ?" (first spotted in 1 of Alisa Amerigo standup specials).
Hey, whats cracking on the blender ! Pls. dont answer ! Im just telling you "hi, wassup".
by OliviaWild February 28, 2021
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