Marques has a fantastic personality and very fair chocolate brown skin. He has dark brown eyes and beautiful eyelashes. Marques is a one-in-a-lifetime person you would meet, and your mouth would intensely drop open. They will not only fill your life up with music, color but also laughter. You wouldn't be able to imagine a life without him or even your life before him or a life after you. Marques is always there for you no matter what and is willing to spoil you. He is a caring guy and always knows what to say. At times he can be hella annoying but you can't help but still love him. You would tend to find yourself starting at him out of consciences. When your find a Marques, you guys will just simply click. As is you knew him for a long time. A life without a Marques is like you have nothing. He will instantly become your world and he'll mean absolutely everything to you. Never let a Marques go because you will soon regret it in the long-run. Marques will fill my head with thoughts of him. He will fill your heart and your every being with just his existence. You would never be able to love anyone as much as you’ll love a Marques. You will find yourself blindly following and trusting him and soon come to realize you could never trust another as you trust a Marques.
Person 1: These guys nowadays just want to have sex they couldn't care less about me. I wish I had a Marques like you do.
Person 2: I know I scored a jackpot the minute I Meet my Marques. He’s everything you could ever want but in one person!!!!
by Alingeringname612 March 26, 2021
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Usually a smaller boy in stature, says random facts that don’t apply to a conversation, waits until a conversation is almost over to bring up the topic like it hasn’t been in discussion. Chronic masturbator and virgin.
That guys a total marque look how big his right arm is.
by Trapdawg September 7, 2022
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A mega homie with the quick scope skills of a veteran trickshotter, also very sweet but a big simp for girls named emily
Yooo did he just hit that quickscope i bet it was marque
Hes simping for emily his name is probably marque
by Da Boyskis September 8, 2020
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A very handsome n sexy boy. He is so great in bed

Marque is able to make any woman cum 6 times in 1 round. He as a gigantic dick. his ability to have sex is astounding. But on top of all that he is a very loyal person.He has love for only one girl, his family and his friends but doesn't really gives a fuck about others.He is also a little short tempered but very smart and wise and he is man who gives more then he receives.
Hey marque can u come n give me that dick later
by Vanskin October 19, 2022
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A very handsome boy with a very strong and sexy body.
He is very great in bed. He as the ability to make a girl cum 6 times in 1 round. Marque is a really a unique name but marque's usually has really big dicks and they can swing that tool perfectly they are rated 10 out of 10 on fucking. But on top of all of that he is very loyal and he loves only one girl, his family and friends and doesn't really gives a a fuck about others. Yes he is kind he gives more than he receives but he his kind of antisocial and a little short tempered but is also very wise n intelligent.
by Vanskin October 19, 2022
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He is a GOD!!! in bed he will fuck the hell out of you. He has the best cock you could ever ask for. sucking Is dick is like sucking a gigantic lollipop that you never want to stop sucking.But Marques are very short tempered they don't easily fall inlove most of the times they are players and they don't really bully anyone so if you see a marque don't bully him he will beat the living crop out of you Marque is a funny person and the best friend you can ever get if you are dating a marque don't leave him it will be the biggest lost of your life....
Marque can make a girl cum 8 times just by looking at them
by Man67666 November 24, 2021
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Marques's are boys that are always in other people's business. They are rude and disrespectful so if you meet a Marques stay away from them.
"Oh my god he is such an asshole"
"Who Marques"
"You know it"
by Samlikesbeans September 30, 2021
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