Marques is the type of guy being with him and ur whole day is instantly better. They can take one good look that you and know there is something wrong. There so smart even if he doesn’t think so. A great lister and will not judge you . He might be a little anxious so let him know that he really is the best thing that happen to you reinsurer him he likes hugs

If u ever have a Marques in your life make sure he knows he mean the world to you
Person one: I heard u where dating a Marques?
Person two: yeah!I am I couldn’t get luckier

Person one: I thought guy like him didn’t existed

Person two: me too then I meet him
by Truthfullyme December 13, 2020
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Someone who consistently fucks up in a text conversation
Joe: How was your day?
Bill: Eh, fine. How about y0uwbdo?
Bill: oops, autocorrect, am I right?

Joe: no Bill, you're not right. You Marques bitch.
by grrtt_ February 3, 2016
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-Someone who shows up on a fire scene without gear
-The officer who falls out of the back of a pickup truck on scene
"I pulled a Marques Fields and had to try to out out a fire with a water hose and flip flops."
"My new boss is a total Marques Fields. We'll be working him before too long."
by Marques’s Daddy August 28, 2021
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A trolling comment that is creative, thought provoking, or just downright annoying. Generally unexpected and unwelcome.
I can’t believe that you just marque trolled him.
by Not-marquee March 14, 2020
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A tall, handsome dream boat. The worlds most perfect man. Thoughtful, funny, treats his girl right, tech savvy, good with animals, and loves to try new hobbies. He will beat you in any argument, because he has such a way with words.
Marqus got the xbox to turn on when no one else could.
by how do you change the font? November 24, 2021
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