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The most amazing person you will ever meet. She's sexy, nice, sweet, beautiful, kind, caring, extremely talented, friendly, outgoing, awesome, cool, and all around the best person ever.
Marni is sooo amazing and awesome!
by AnonymousUser123 July 21, 2010
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a very very beautiful girl who owns a very large collection of erotic underwear
got drool? see marni u will
by notsosecretlover January 04, 2004
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A slang term used in New Zealand meaning wally, dickhead etc used lightheartedly among friends.
Has recently been used in an anti drink driving advertisement commissioned by the New Zealand government.
Tangi: "...and then I said, 'It's ok, you can borrow my towell!"
Rob: "Maaate ya marnis!"
Tangi: "I am not a marnis it is you who is the marnis!"
Rob: "Put another saussy on the barbie then ya marnis."
by Michael Gordon March 07, 2008
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some one with a large selection of erotic underwear.
marni cruickshanks
by sam lake August 25, 2003
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A large-breasted hypochondriac with bad luck, known for donating beautifully curly hair and her abilities to please countless numbers of men.
"There was a Marni at the pub last night, so you know I woke up happy today."

"She pulled a Marni and ended up hemorrhaging in my car."

"My weekend was so Marni- after I started going into anaphylactic shock, I was hit by a car being driven by the man who stood me up!"
by The "husband" April 09, 2009
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