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Marney is about determination and love. She is kind, always there for others, and is incredibly beautiful. Marney is a very strong woman.
by cool roomie April 24, 2005
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A girl with a sweet smile and charming personality that makes every boy's heart race. She's clouded by innocence and is often found with her head up in the clouds. She always has a bounce in her step and a happy-go-lucky outlook that seems to make everyone enjoy her company.
Marney is like the innocent, sweet memories of your childhood.
by justopenyoureyes June 23, 2011
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an evil ugly dog lookin bitch who hates on everyone and cant get any boyz so she sleeps with her relatives
:-("guys marney called me ugly"
"who cares your beautiful,she just hating cus u have a bf and all she has is her cousin HAHAHAH"
by sogoodchick January 12, 2009
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marney is a teacher that dosent know how rt teach and she has thing that makes people blead from there ears she did it to me she also hs no tits and has a dick so she is a she male
marney is a shemale
by therealkevinhart January 18, 2017
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