1. Bodily waste of black color that is incredibly toxic. If put into play it can manage to turn a simple win into a complete train wreck.
2. The act of taking a dump. See also shit.
3. Chicago Cubs' worst closer.
1. I took a massive Marmol yesterday in my apartment. It smelled for 5 days straight.
2. You really Marmoled this assignment up. I would fire you if we didn't have a Marmol contract with you.
by Soccerfan11 June 17, 2013
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The act of shoving your penis up a cow's anus repeatedly until the cow starts to moo. From then you milk the cow from two of its tits and rub the milk over your asshole until your able to create a gallon of milk.
Joeseph went down to the farm and started marmolling in the local pastures.
by Doss38 January 17, 2011
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