What happens when your mom cant spell and forgets the baby name book
Guy 1- please spell you name please
Guy 2 -okay J-O-E-S-E-P-H
Guy 1 writes Joseph

Guy 2- DAMM IT !!!! My names not spelt like that

by Kwaja January 20, 2012
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Something that cannot be taught, and is only naturally understood (may take some time to understand.)
Mom: Did you do your 37 missing assignments?
You: Joeseph.
by JoeLuvr127 May 10, 2022
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Feared by many, rumoured he is so hard he shaves with a blowtorch and is able to move mountains and has acquired the nickname The Mountain.
Did you hear about that guy Joeseph? Apparently he has an extremely fit friend named will Saldana.
by saldana April 22, 2016
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Dirty minded but also a gentleman who is loyal joeseph is a decent guy who tries and puts effort in everything he doesn’t believe in sugarcoating anything he says so prepare to be upset in a good way his actions will leave you speechless
Guy1: man can you believe how hard joeseph is working.

Guy2: it’s a good thing you hired him.
by Bigjoesavage November 25, 2021
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It’s just a longer version of joe mama

That’s it
That’s the whole thing
Go home
Real human 1:
Hey did you hear about joeseph?
Real human 2: no,who’s joeseph?
Real human 1: joeseph mother
Real human 2: *grabs all and shoots real human 1 in the stomach*
by Horrific gamer February 24, 2021
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a big fat queer who smells and never showers but wants to get a shower from OG Mudbone, and who like big blue dildo up their ass holes while masturbating thier tiny weirners to gay nigger porn.
man u are such a joeseph hay!
by Rrummulluxx July 23, 2009
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