A really energetic young boy who plays video games 24/7 and jumps while he plays, looks like hes getting a workout. Oh yeah he also has a snack only diet yet magically doesnt gain weight.
Markys catchphrase is "Mom! Can I have a snack!"
Chocolate and more chocolate.
by TheDefinitioner54 October 25, 2019
marky is a red head that had a red carpet in her pants
hey marky how is your carpet?
its very read today
by cookster444 January 27, 2009
A transexual that can’t pull no bitches or niggas and never would know how to kiss and is 100% virgin and will always be virgin
Marky can kiss...no wonder he’s virgin
by Redheadedmoron June 16, 2019
An amazing person with a great sense of humor, very beautiful a little crazy
Joe: wow that girl is amazing
John: she reminds me of a markie
by hiffany123 March 14, 2009
A girl with a gorgeous face and dazzling smile.
OMG That girl is such a Marki!
by Magnificentmarth April 16, 2008