cute, blonde, blue beautiful eyes, funny, shy, quiet, good at table tennis and badminton, amazing smile, perfect height, likes business, would make an amazing boyfriend, adorable, not someone who would be popular to fancy but he has a spark, would suit girls beginning with 'J'.
'J': hes so amazingly cute, his blue eyes send me to another world :)

person: you must be talking about mark then :P
by Blue-eyesssssss April 25, 2011
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A jackass who thinks he's all that. I know a Mark and let me tell you I wish I never knew him. Mark's tend to know everything and like to make others feel dumb.
by justspice March 24, 2013
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a type of fruit only found on Davidson St.

also. see fruit, fruitcake
Scott: Whos that over there?
Brad: Oh, thats Mark
Scott: What a Fruit!
by GreenPlaya August 10, 2008
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Mark- (adjective)- Fag, Fagstain, Fagwhale. Also known as FAG BAG!!
Example- Gosh! Your such a mark! Get outta the closet already!!
by Becca10571 December 28, 2010
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the act of allowing a spliff to extinguish itself through lack of attention and smoking skills
pass us a lighter, I've marked me spliff.
by JemimaPuddle April 19, 2006
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Nigger. Doesn't always have to be a black person, they just have natural nigger tendencies.
Quit acting like a Mark, start acting like a white person should.
by Jorge Flores August 03, 2010
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