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A target for robbery, scam, or hustle.
1)I was do dopesick yesterday everyone was looking like a mark.
2)I followed the mark off the train, he had an ipod and a laptop.
3) The f**kin mark from the other night IDed me, now I'm lookin at a two year bid.
4) The kid selling them fake chains could spot a good mark from a block away.
5) The mark started getting wise so we dropped the scam and just beat him down for his loot.
by D from Eastie March 28, 2008
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A county jail in MA where you go when ya mess us bad in Lynn, or anywhere in Middlesex County. Generally your there before your sentenced (you cant make bail, or you have none). Some people get sentenced there (everyone not in the orange jumpsuits). It's so overcrowded when you first arrive they put you in a gym with 200 other people sleeping on a plastic stetcher half a foot away from someone else. Most people prefer it to the bay(south bay-sufolk county.
1) Where's flaco? He gotted bopped on that B&E, he's up Middleton til we can hustle up 300.
2) I got sentenced two years in Middleton, I was hoping for the farm.
3) The CO's at Middleton are way better than the bay.
4) I was just chillin' wit him last week, nows he's doing a two year bid up at Middleton.
by D from Eastie March 28, 2008
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